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VTS Healthcare Cloud-Based Solutions, Solutions & Services
RIMS, Radiology Information Management System, RIS, Radiology Information System


Healthcare Information Management System, HIMS


Healthcare Digital Cloud Platform, VTS Healthcare Cloud Solution


LIMS, Laboratory Information Management System, LIS, Laboratory Information System


PACS, Picture Archiving Communication System


Pharmacy Cloud Solution, Pharmacy


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Innovative Healthcare Cloud Platform

At VTS, we understand the importance of fluid communication between all parties involved in healthcare. We enable a Healthcare Cloud Platform, medical process optimization and healthcare real-time information to connect doctors, patients, nurses, and insurance companies with electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). Our Healthcare Cloud Platform also is integrable with laboratories, medical equipment, and payment gateways in one unified system.


Our platform:

  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry and provides real-time access to critical information, improving the efficiency of end-to-end healthcare processes.

  • Integrates electronic health records (EHRs), x-ray images, and laboratory results to provide a complete picture of a patient's healthcare history and current status.

  • It helps to optimize healthcare workflows, provides secure data exchange, and reduces the costs associated with healthcare operations.

Patient Admission, Healthcare Digital Platform, Healthcare Cloud Solution, VTS Healthcare Cloud Solution,

Patient Admission

Appointment, Patient Portal, Patient Admission, Pharmacy, Billing, Daycare, Diet / Kitchen, Linen / Laundriness.
Pharmacy, Pharmacy Cloud Solution, Healthcare Digital Platform, Healthcare Cloud Solution, VTS Healthcare Cloud Solution, Outbound Patient, Inbound Patient.


Pharmacy Inbound Patient, Pharmacy Outbound Patient, e-prescription, Drug Inventory, Pharmacy Store, Patient EMR, Billing, Order without Appointment, Receivable Account Management
Emergency Room, Healthcare Digital Platform, Healthcare Cloud Solution, VTS Healthcare Cloud Solution.

Emergency Room

Emergency Room, Digital Diagnosis Platform, Pharmacy IP/OP, Patient EMR/EHR, Daycare, Billing, LIMS, RIS, PACS, Patient Insurance Management, Receivable Account Management, Inventory Management & SMC.
Surgery Room, Operation Theater, Healthcare Digital Platform, Healthcare Cloud Solution, VTS Healthcare Cloud Solution.

Surgery Room

Surgery Room, Digital Diagnosis Platform, Pharmacy IP/OP, Patient EMR/EHR, Daycare, Billing, LIMS, RIS, PACS, Patient Insurance Management, Receivable Account Management, Inventory Management & SMC.
ICU, Intensive Care Unit, ICU Department, Healthcare Digital Platform, Healthcare Cloud Solution, VTS Healthcare Cloud Solution.

Intensive Care Unit

ICU, Intensive Care Unit, ICU Department, Digital Diagnosis Platform, Pharmacy IP/OP, Patient EMR/EHR, Daycare, Billing, LIMS, RIS, PACS, Patient Insurance Management, Receivable Account Management, Inventory Management & SMC.

Streamlining Healthcare from Start to Finish for medical process optimization and healthcare real-time information

At VTS, we provide end-to-end healthcare workflows for all departments. Our mission is to improve the patient experience by streamlining processes at every touchpoint of the healthcare journey, from patient admission to post-treatment follow-ups. Our Healthcare Cloud-Based Platform enables:

  • An end-to-end workflow for pharmacy, emergency room, surgery room, ICU, radiology, LIMS, cardiology, ambulance, inventory & SCM, and mobility.

  • Enables the entire healthcare delivery cycle in one seamless workflow in a single platform.

  • Streamlines healthcare processes and improves patient outcomes.

  • Provides complete healthcare workflows for rapid adoption or customizing, ensuring optimal performance at every touchpoint of the healthcare journey.

  • We make healthcare operations accessible, efficient, and effective through a ready cloud-based platform.

Field Hospital through Unified Digital Healthcare Platform, Platform ready for Mobile Devices, Android ready, Digital Experience through multiple devices (mobile, iPad, desktop)

Field Hospital

Mobile Patient App, Mobile Doctor App, Mobile Nurse App, Mobile Healthcare Desktop App, Mobile Healthcare Administration App, Mobile Connected Ambulance App, Mobile EMR / EHS, Mobile Telemedicine
Healthcare Inventory Traceability, SCM applied in the Healthcare Sector, Inventory Visibility, Integrated Healthcare Digital Platform, Inventory Mobile App.

Inventory & SCM

Merchandise Inventory Received, Purchase Order Inventory, Purchase Requisitions Inventory, Optime Inventory Management Level, Warehouse Management, Supplier Rates Management, Reorder and Replenishment Order Level, Real-Time Billing, Automatic Patient Order Entry, Integrated Clinic Services via Patient Order.
Radiology Software, Digital Integration with Radiology Equipment, Unified Digital Healthcare Platform, Radiology Mobile App


RIS and PACS Integration, Patient Thematic Apperception Test, Picture Workflow, Verification Report, Diacom Image Transfer, Scanned Picture Sharing, Pre-integration with Radiology Machine, Cloud Picture Storage, Analytics and Report.
Telemedicine, Healthcare Digital Platform, Remote Patient Assistance, Telemedicine Software


Telemedicine, Teleradiology, Telepathology, Tele Ambulance, Tele ICU, Telecardiology, Third-party Pharmacy, Third Party Diagnosis, Third Party Payments.
Healthcare Cloud Platform, Big Data Lake, AI, Healthcare Funtionalities, LIMS, RIS, Patient Admission, Emergency Admission, Pharmacy, ICU, Operation Theather, Patient Treatment, Post-Operation, Outgoing Patient.

Innovative VTS Healthcare Cloud for a Better Healthcare Experience

VTS is committed to changing the healthcare industry for the better. Our e-book contains revolutionary functionalities that healthcare providers can use to offer better patient services. Our solutions leverage the latest advances in technology, providing healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need to provide patients with an exceptional experience. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by driving innovation and change.

Patient Services Centralized Order, Patient Orders, Patient Order Medical Services, Healthcare Digital Platform, Healthcare Cloud, VTS Healthcare Cloud Solution.
Patient Medical Services Order, Centralized Order, Inbound Patient Management, Outbound Patient Management, Emergency Room, Operation Room, Integrated patient Services Billing, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Daycare, Diet / Kitchen, Laundriness / Room Services, Central Sterilization Services Department.

Patient Services Centralized Order

Centralized and Simplified: Our Approach to Healthcare for workflows and medical process optimization

At VTS, we strive to simplify healthcare processes and workflows by providing a centralized digital platform that connects all medical services in a single order for patient billing. 

Our platform manages a centralized patient service order, which:

  • It streamlines the complex healthcare ecosystem, bringing together all departments with workflows connected and providing real-time analytics and reports.

  • It integrates LIMS, medical equipment, POS, payments gateways, websites, insurance portals, and third-party healthcare operators in a single platform.

  • It optimizes workflows and streamlines tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on providing superior care to their patients.

  • It saves healthcare providers time by automating processes and connecting medical services through a single portal.

Ambulance Connected Cloud Module provides real-time patient data and ETA to hospitals and first responders. We also offer Dispatch Management software that streamlines ambulance routing and scheduling, speeds response times, and improves clinical outcomes.
Ambulance Connected Cloud Module, Ambulance Dispatch Management, Patient Vital Signs Monitoring, Teleconsult (Urgency Doctor), Patient CCTV transmission, Ambulance ETA based on location (GPS), Health First AIDs Stock per Ambulance, Medical and Legal Forms, Billing and Collect.

Connected Ambulance

Proven Software Solution in Hospitals and Clinics


A software solution implemented in Small, Medium, and Large Hospitals. Cloud Solution is highly configurable and can reduce the number of interfaces, notably with seamless integration through all systems and hospital equipment.

Hospitals and Clinics


Patients can use the web portal, or mobile app to interact with doctors, create appointments,  visualize lab results,  e-records, and billing, among others.

Millions of Patients using the Mobile App


Doctors and Nurses have a mobile application.

Doctors can interact with patients, add medical indications through the platform, and use the portable barcode scanner with their phones to access patient e-records.


Nurses can access medical indications by scanning the patient's wristband barcode and recording the medical doses administration.


Each step from Nurses and Doctors is recorded in the platform and added to the patient's service order for billing.

Thousand of Doctors and Nurses

Healthcare App, Healthcare Cloud,  Medical Equipment Integration, Inventory, SCM, Barcode Technology, Mobile App, Support Services, Deployment Services, APIs integration for SAP, Microsoft Oracle, and Odoo. Integration.Integration with any ERP.
Healthcare Digital Platform, VTS Healthcare Cloud Solution,  Integrated Services, Cloud Solution, Integrated Information, Process Configuration, Cloud & Mobile Ready, Barcode Technology.

Integrated Services & Cloud Solution

Zebra Technologies Corporation is an American mobile computing company specializing in technology used to sense, analyze, and act in real time, sometimes known as smart data capture. The company manufactures and sells marking, tracking, and computer printing technologies.

Zebra Technologies is the world leader in delivering innovative digital solutions, hardware, and software that enable businesses of all sizes to connect data and assets intelligently. At VTS, we partner with Zebra Technologies to deliver Healthcare Projects using real-time data capture and traceability of assets and information.. 

GS1 collaborates with businesses and industry to encourage the adoption and use of GS1 Standards-based solutions that can help improve business processes. The standards also help support many regulatory compliance requirements for several industries, including healthcare and food.

GS1 is a not-for-profit, international organization developing and maintaining its own standards for barcodes and the corresponding issue company prefixes. The best known of these standards is the barcode, a symbol printed on products that can be scanned electronically.
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