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Laboratory Information System, LIS, Laboratory Information Management System, LIMS, Serelogy, Histopathology, Pathology, Microbology, Hematology, Inmmunology

Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System: Unlocking the Power of Your Lab Data

At VTS, we understand the importance of managing and automating laboratory operations and workflows. Our Laboratory Information System (LIS) has been designed with this in mind. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and efficient solution for medical laboratories. Our system is customizable to fit your needs and seamlessly integrates with any laboratory equipment brand. 

Key features of our Radiology Information System

    • Order Entry: Allows healthcare providers to place orders for various laboratory tests electronically, reducing errors associated with manual order entry.

    • Sample Tracking: Tracks specimens as they move through the laboratory workflow, from collection to analysis and result reporting, ensuring traceability and minimizing errors.

    • Workflow Management: Streamlines laboratory processes by automating workflows, assigning tasks to technicians, and optimizing resource utilization.

    • Result Reporting: Generates and disseminates test results to healthcare providers electronically, enabling rapid decision-making and patient care.

    • Quality Control: Monitors the quality of laboratory processes and test results, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining the accuracy and reliability of laboratory data.

    • Integration with other Systems: Interfaces with electronic health records (EHR), billing systems, and other healthcare IT systems to facilitate seamless information exchange and interoperability.

    • Inventory Management: Manages laboratory inventory, including reagents, supplies, and equipment, to ensure sufficient stock levels and minimize disruptions to laboratory operations.

    • Data Analysis and Reporting: Provides tools for data analysis, trend identification, and generation of reports for performance monitoring, research, and regulatory compliance.

LIMS, integrated with labs equipment, Biochestesry, Inmmunology, Serelogy, Pathology, Histopathology
LIS, Laboratory Information System, Sample Collection, Sample Dispatch, ample Acknowledge, Outsorced Sample Management, Reports & Alerts, Machine Integration, Priority Processing


Laboratory Information System - LIS

Laboratory Information System, LIS, Machine Integration, Priority Processing

Integrated lab operations

Medical lab management software is easy to deploy and integrate with existing lab operations.

Machine Integration

  • Integration with any laboratory brands,

  • Faster sample processing by integrating it with existing laboratory machines,

  • Project Delivery and workflow configuration according to customer needs,

  • Deployment of integration with any laboratory brand.

Priority Processing

  • Seamlessly sets the priority to the required sample for early processing.

We make the Integration with any Lab Equipment  in the market.

Healthcare Solutions

Our cloud-based solution incorporates core functionalities required in healthcare. Our software is designed to streamline workflows, improve patient outcomes, and increase efficiencies in healthcare operations. We work closely with healthcare organizations to customize our solutions to meet their needs and requirements, ensuring their operations run as smoothly as possible.

Core Functionalities

Live Functionalities

VTS is a leading provider of healthcare cloud-based solutions designed to streamline and enhance healthcare workflow operations. Our healthcare cloud modules are tailored to maximize efficiency and deliver improved patient outcomes. We take pride in our ability to integrate the workflows of healthcare operators seamlessly and effortlessly, ensuring the highest level of patient-centered care and maximum returns on investment.

Health Cloud Modules

60+ Health Modules

48+ healthcare specializations and cloud-based solutions deployed with EMR and EHS for better integration with healthcare workflows and hospitals' or clinics' operations, enabling real-time information for well-informed decisions.

Health Cloud Secializations

48+ Specialities


At VTS, we are committed to improving healthcare outcomes and operational efficiencies through our cloud-based healthcare solutions. We offer a range of services and solutions available in the Americas and Europe, and our network partners in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia allow us to extend our reach to healthcare providers worldwide. Our focus on innovation and technology ensures that we can provide the highest level of service and support to our clients.

LIMS, LIS, Laboratory Information System, Pathology, Microbiology, Sereology, Hematholy Histopathology

Delivering safe and secure sample processing in different types of labs.

  • LIMS for Pathology

  • LIMS for Microbiology

  • LIMS for Histopathology

  • LIMS for Hematology

  • LIMS for Serology

  • LIMS for Immunology 

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