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Medical IoT, IoT for Healthcare, Telemedicine, Real-time Patients' Vital Signs, EMR, EHR, Hospital Asset Tracking.

Medical IoT

Medical IoT: Unleashing the Power of IoT in the Healthcare Sector

We combine the latest in cutting-edge medical technology with the reach and connectivity of the Internet of Things to create custom healthcare solutions for our clients. Our Medical IoT solutions ensure health providers are equipped with tools that enable coordinated and responsive care delivery. 

Our solutions can collect, transmit, and analyze health-related data in real time, enabling remote monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment. Some of the advantages of our Medical IoT solutions cover the following:

  • Remote patient monitoring: We use IoT devices such as wearable sensors to continuously monitor patients' vital signs, activity levels, and other health parameters outside traditional healthcare settings. This enables healthcare providers to track patients' health status remotely and intervene promptly if necessary.

  • Telemedicine: Our telemedicine solution based on IoT technologies facilitates remote consultations between patients and healthcare providers through video conferencing, enabling patients to receive medical advice and care from their homes.

  • Hospital asset tracking: We enable IoT sensors to track the location and status of medical equipment within hospitals. This ensures that they are readily available when needed and optimizes inventory management.

IoT Patient Devices

Innovative IoT Solutions for Patients and Providers

Our innovative IoT solutions for patients and providers are based on cutting-edge technology that is easy to integrate and highly effective in delivering exceptional healthcare. Our Medical IoT platform supports patient devices in being user-friendly and intuitive, providing real-time monitoring and data collection, monitoring patients' vital signs during emergencies, or providing quality teleconsultation connected with the patient's electronic medical records. 

Medical IoT Platform, IoT Platform for Healthcare, Mobile Ready, Cloud Ready, AI Ready, Fully Integrated.

Medical IoT Platform

Innovative Medical IoT Devices for Patient Golden Hours

At VTS, we provide innovative medical IoT devices crucial for the golden hours of patient care. Our Medical IoT Platform ensures real-time monitoring of patients, allowing medical professionals to make informed decisions that can save lives. At the same time, our platform can seamlessly integrate with medical systems, providing real-time monitoring of patient vital signs during their transfer to the hospital. 

Medical IoT Devices, Real-Time Patients Vital Signs, Integrated with Emergency Room

Remove human error

Patient   EMR  update

Realtime & continuous patient vitals
history of the values

Measure & monitor patient vitals

On Doctor & Nurse Apps

Realtime & continuous patient vitals
history of the values

An AI-ready platform for healthcare, with better analytics and insights, to help physicians make faster, more accurate diagnoses and improve treatment plans. 

AI Ready

Our platform is AI-ready, streamlining administrative tasks, improving patient outcomes, and driving down costs. Our solution includes cutting-edge analytics and insights to help healthcare professionals make faster, more accurate diagnoses and improve treatment plans. 

The cloud-ready platform enables access to patient records quickly and efficiently without the need for physical documents. It also protects patient data under HIPAA regulations.

Cloud Ready

Our AI healthcare platform solution is tailored to meet your healthcare needs. Our cloud-ready system ensures you have access to patient records quickly and efficiently without needing physical documents. Our top-notch technology guarantees the protection of patient data with strict security measures. 

Our Mobile-ready platform offers a comprehensive view of patient health, making it easier for physicians and providers to deliver personalized treatment. 

Mobile Ready

Our AI platform leverages cutting-edge algorithms and data analytics to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Our mobile-ready platform offers a comprehensive view of patient health, making it easier for healthcare providers to deliver personalized treatment. 

Empowering Healthcare Providers with Advanced AI Solutions

AI & Data Analytics

Healthcare 360-degree patient view, Improved Diagnostics, Forecast Patient Needs, Efficient Resource Allocation, and Provide Personalised Care.
Healthcare BI and Analytics, Business Intelligence for Healthcare, Built-in Healthcare Dashboards and Reports, Healthcare Dashboards and Reports from Scratch.

360-degree patient view

With BluePlanet's 360-degree patient view, every hospital can now provide personalized care to its patients that improves health outcomes and strengthens the patient-provider relationship.

Healthcare BI & Analytics

Our Blue Planet platform delivers real-time information, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed patient decisions and operations. 

AI Healthcares, Data App, AI Healthcare Platform, AI Healthcare   iven solution.

AI Healthcare

With our powerful AI technology, we can analyze patient data to identify patterns and predict potential health issues before they become critical.

Monitor Patient Vitals, Ambulance Connected
Healthcare Data Lake, Data Injection, Data Integration, Data Pipeline, Data Engine Procession,  Data App

Healthcare Data Lake

Our mature data platform is specifically built to handle complex data management tasks, streamlining workflows and offering in-depth analytics to help practices make data-driven decisions. 

Medical IoT

Our platform provides healthcare professionals with real-time patient data and analytics to make timely and informed decisions. Our technology helps medical professionals improve clinical outcomes while driving operational efficiency. 

Electronic Medical Records, EMR. The EMR / EHR platform allows for the creation and management of electronic medical records, making healthcare accessible and efficient through cloud-ready functionalities for optimal patient diagnosis and treatment.

Our EMR / EHR system allows for creating and managing electronic medical records, making healthcare accessible and efficient for all. We aim to streamline patient care and provide healthcare professionals with the tools for optimal diagnosis and treatment. Our ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes by integrating technology and healthcare.

Healthcare Solutions

Our cloud-based solution incorporates core functionalities required in healthcare. Our software is designed to streamline workflows, improve patient outcomes, and increase efficiencies in healthcare operations. We work closely with healthcare organizations to customize our solutions to meet their needs and requirements, ensuring their operations run as smoothly as possible.

Core Functionalities

Live Functionalities

VTS is a leading provider of healthcare cloud-based solutions designed to streamline and enhance healthcare workflow operations. Our healthcare cloud modules are tailored to maximize efficiency and deliver improved patient outcomes. We take pride in our ability to integrate the workflows of healthcare operators seamlessly and effortlessly, ensuring the highest level of patient-centered care and maximum returns on investment.

Health Cloud Modules

60+ Health Modules

48+ healthcare specializations and cloud-based solutions deployed with EMR and EHS for better integration with healthcare workflows and hospitals' or clinics' operations, enabling real-time information for well-informed decisions.

Health Cloud Secializations

48+ Specialities


At VTS, we are committed to improving healthcare outcomes and operational efficiencies through our cloud-based healthcare solutions. We offer a range of services and solutions available in the Americas and Europe, and our network partners in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia allow us to extend our reach to healthcare providers worldwide. Our focus on innovation and technology ensures that we can provide the highest level of service and support to our clients.

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