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VTS Healthcare Cloud-Based Solutions, Solutions & Services
About VTS aglobal representative f Healthcare Innovations and solutions

The Power of Technology, Simplified by VTS

About Our Business

VTS is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for specialized industries. Since our founding in 2014, we have represented global manufacturers. For the Healthcare sector, we offer the Power of Technology, Simplified by VTS through a complete Healthcare Cloud Digital Platform. Our platform includes 60+ modules and 48+ specialties, with a dedicated team for project implementation. We pride ourselves on delivering fast-track implementation packages for small, medium, and large hospitals so you can be up and running quickly. 

VTS is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for specialized industries. Since our founding in 2014, we have represented global manufacturers. For the Healthcare sector, we offer a complete Healthcare Cloud Digital Platform. Our platform includes 60+ modules and 48+ specialties, with a dedicated team for project implementation.

Solutions & Services

Our cloud-based solution incorporates core functionalities required in healthcare. Our software is designed to streamline workflows, improve patient outcomes, and increase efficiencies in healthcare operations. We work closely with healthcare organizations to customize our solutions to meet their needs and requirements, ensuring their operations run as smoothly as possible.

Core Functionalities

Live Functionalities

VTS is a leading provider of healthcare cloud-based solutions designed to streamline and enhance healthcare workflow operations. Our healthcare cloud modules are tailored to maximize efficiency and deliver improved patient outcomes. We take pride in our ability to integrate the workflows of healthcare operators seamlessly and effortlessly, ensuring the highest level of patient-centered care and maximum returns on investment.

Health Cloud Modules

60+ Health Modules

48+ healthcare specializations and cloud-based solutions deployed with EMR and EHS for better integration with healthcare workflows and hospitals' or clinics' operations, enabling real-time information for well-informed decisions.

Health Cloud Secializations

48+ Specialities

At VTS, we understand the importance of efficient healthcare project deployment services. We provide custom workflows, integration with LIS, medical equipment integration, EMR & EHS implementation, and deployment of Healthcare Core Functionalities and Specializations. Our platform, designed specifically for the healthcare industry, offers a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and improve patient care.

Healthcare Project Deployment Services 

Fast-Track Implementation

VTS is a healthcare cloud-based solution committed to providing premium platform support services to all our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your system is constantly updated, secure, and user-friendly. We provide various services, including platform upgrades, ticket management, help desk support, service level agreement, platform monitoring, application monitoring, incident management, and resolution, to help streamline your workflow and maximize productivity.

Healthcare Platform Support Services

Regional Support

At VTS, we are committed to providing innovative Healthcare Cloud-Based Solutions. We offer complete deployment services for our Healthcare Cloud-Based Solution through the integration of third-party systems, including SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft, LIMS, PACS, HR, ERP, CRM, ICU, CDSS, Call Center, Face Recognition, CIMS Drug Database, Building Management, National ID, Microsoft AD, POS Machines, SMS Gateway, and more. Our solutions are designed to improve patient care and outcomes by streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency.

Thrid-Party ERP Integration

Integration with any ERP system

Our Partners

Zebra Technologies Corporation is an American mobile computing company specializing in technology used to sense, analyze, and act in real time, sometimes known as smart data capture. The company manufactures and sells marking, tracking, and computer printing technologies.

Zebra Technologies for Healthcare

Zebra Technologies is the world leader in delivering innovative digital solutions, hardware, and software that enable businesses of all sizes to connect data and assets intelligently. At VTS, we partner with Zebra Technologies to deliver Healthcare Projects using real-time data capture and traceability of assets and information.. 


GS1 collaborates with businesses and industry to encourage the adoption and use of GS1 Standards-based solutions that can help improve business processes. The standards also help support many regulatory compliance requirements for several industries, including healthcare and food.

GS1 is a not-for-profit, international organization developing and maintaining its own standards for barcodes and the corresponding issue company prefixes. The best known of these standards is the barcode, a symbol printed on products that can be scanned electronically.


Cloud4C is a trusted partner for enterprises of all sizes for their Modernization and Digital Transformation initiatives. Powered by 25 Centers of Excellence across leading public cloud platforms, Cloud4C has grown exponentially. Today, Cloud4C has 2000+ people strong and serves 4000 clients globally (26 countries), including 60 from the Fortune 500.

Cloud4C is a cloud managed services provider offering public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud management services for mission critical workloads of global enterprises with stringent compliances. Cloud4C’s Modernization team is equipped with 2000+ cloud experts including professionals certified on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud. Cloud4C, a CtrlS group company, offers high-availability services through its high-grade data centers, expertise on global hyperscalers, support for hybrid clouds, multi availability zones and four-way disaster recovery architecture, with a zero data loss guarantee backed by SLAs


Our real-time tracking services are designed to provide our clients with the most reliable visibility of their shipments. We know every second counts regarding your business, so we use the latest technology to ensure your shipments are monitored around the clock.  Trust VTS devices to deliver your shipments and protect them at all costs.

Tive provides end-to-end shipment visibility, real-time location + condition tracking, and active monitoring of your shipments


SMX provides information technology solutions, including IT staffing services worldwide, to help our clients grow to their full potential and collaborate with us with staffing in regional project deployment.

SMX Services & Consulting is based in Miami, Florida, and serves both the public and private sectors.  Proudly working with institutional clients including some Fortune 500 companies, we are in more than 10 countries with regional offices in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Mexico City, San Juan, Bogota, and Caracas.


Healthcare Cloud Platform, Big Data Lake, AI, Healthcare Funtionalities, LIMS, RIS, Patient Admission, Emergency Admission, Pharmacy, ICU, Operation Theather, Patient Treatment, Post-Operation, Outgoing Patient.

Innovative VTS Healthcare Cloud for a Better Healthcare Experience

VTS is committed to changing the healthcare industry for the better. Our e-book contains revolutionary functionalities that healthcare providers can use to offer better patient services. Our solutions leverage the latest advances in technology, providing healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need to provide patients with an exceptional experience. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by driving innovation and change.

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